Arne Willimczik

Arne Willimczik is a highly articulate and intelligent musician with an infectious passion for music. He studied conducting at Hamburg University of Music and Theatre with Klauspeter Seibel and has a wide range of experience in the opera houses of Germany, including Hamburg, Cologne, Kassel, Regensburg, Freiburg, Darmstadt, Bremerhaven, to name just a few. His international experience includes working from the Opéra Nationale de Montpellier, the Miskolci Nemzeti Színház (Hungary) to Kaliningrad (Russia).

Arne has a repertoire of over thirty operas as conductor and about the same number more as assistant. His symphonic repertoire is an equally large and varied one, which he performed with many orchestras and ensembles all over Germany. Arne has a highly gifted approach to modern classical music and is more often offered to do world premieres.

During the last years he also became a coveted coach for opera singers, who want to study new roles and  respectively as piano partner for Lieder recitals. Currently, he is director of musical studies and Conductor at the Cologne opera.